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The dental world is always changing and, in an effort to stay ahead of the curve, we invest in the latest technologies, which allow us to maintain the reliability and value of our restorations. These systems ensure low remake rates and consistent results for you and your patients.

Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping, we are able to build your restorations layer-by-layer using additive fabrication. This results in shorter production times, while delivering a more accurate restoration.

Our envisonTEC Perfactory® system builds 3D objects from liquid resin, like stereolithography, but using a projector rather than a laser. Using state-of-the-art selective light modulation, the Perfactory® 3-D modeler produce either wax up components for casting or ceramic filled resins that will produce direct manufactured cap, copings, crowns etc. Because the system allows for a resolution of 32 micrometers, it can fabricate precise margins for both copings and full anatomical wax crowns and partials.

LaserStar® Welding System

This state-of-the-art welding system allows operators to benefit from pin-point accuracy and localized heat, which produces excellent seam welds and eliminates thermal expansion on passive fit bridgework, implant bars and frames and other common dental prosthetic connections. LaserStar® welding systems are suitable for most dental alloys including titanium.

Ivocap Processing

With Ivocap Processing, our restorations are made with continuous pressure that eliminates polymerization shrinkage. This results in fewer sore spots and reduced occlusal adjustments, improved retention, with no changes to vertical dimension. Ivocap has a higher density over alternatives, creating a more hygienic base that is less likely to absorb fluids that cause stain, odors, and tissue inflammations.