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Milling Machines

We cater to your chosen indications and we use the latest and best in milling technology for our dental restorations. These multi-axis, CAD/CAM systems create complex angles and intricate designs in order to fabricate more precise products.


This innovative system has 5-axis milling and streamlined automation for fabricating a wide range of materials. The proprietary nesting ability efficiently produces zirconia copings. This system is capable of milling frameworks and full contours.

Wieland Zenotec T1

The ZENOTEC T1 represents the epitome of highly automated production in the form of a compact milling machine. The T1 features an incredible total of seven axes, combining the ability to mill simultaneously along 5 axes with specially developed innovative milling strategies and tools, a combination which leaves previous systems far behind.

Wieland Zeno 4030 M1

This CAD/CAM milling system shapes zirconium dioxide, acrylic and wax materials cleanly and with great precision to cater to your chosen indications. Its features include comprehensive 4-axis milling capabilities that allow for a rapid fabrication process.

Katana H-18

Our Katana H-18 mills single-units or bridge substructures up to six units in a choice of nine colored zirconia blocks. The milled substructures are optimally matched to layering porcelain or press-to ceramics, and finished restorations exhibit exceptional fit and esthetics.

Haas VF-2TR

This 5-axis milling machine allows for the highly accurate fabrication of Zirconia copings and full-contour restorations. It machines complex angles and intricate designs in order to create more precise products.