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Dental Scanners

At Arcari we use the 3Shape Scanner, inEos® and the Dental Wings Scanner as part of our streamlined dental production system. We are able to quickly scan objects with incredible accuracy and superb detail. The speed and efficiency of these scanners enable us to provide quick turn-a-round times while still maintaining the highest level of quality.

Etkon® Scanner

This innovative scanner rapidly scans the surface of a preparation using CAD/CAM and allows for the design of a full range of precisely fitting restorations-from inlays, inlay bridges, onlays, veneers, crown frameworks, primary crowns telescopic crowns, up to 16-unit bridges, attachments, abutments and Maryland bridges.

Noritake by Roland Katana DWX-50N

Developed for laboratories to handle milling large jobs, such as zirconia frameworks and dentures, the Noritake by Roland Katana fabricates restorations from zirconia, wax and PMMA. Five-axis milling technology provides the most lifelike occlusal details.


With our inEOS Scanner, we are able to quickly and reliably acquire the dimensional data of models (including single stumps, saw cuts, as well as complete jaw models) from which we can create precise restorations. The speed and efficiency of this scanner enables us to provide quick turn-a-round times while still maintaining the high quality we have always sought to deliver.

Juell™ 3D Printer

With resolution of more than 32 million dots per square inch, the Juell™ far exceed industry standards required to print high-end 3D models. With light-cured resin plastic quickly printable, Arcari is able to produce accurate working models from STL, OBJ and AMF files.