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Send a Traditional Impression

With Arcari, sending your case is easy. Whether you qualify for local pick-up or prefer to ship your impression via UPS, follow the steps in the menu below and fill out the appropriate forms. Your case will be scheduled with our lab and picked up with no additional effort!

Step One: Get Started

What to Include

  • • Completed Rx form
  • • Impressions and/or models
  • • Study and/or pre-op models
  • • Patient photos (if available)
  • • Bite registration
  • • Shade guide (if necessary)

Step Two: Local or Shipped

Schedule a Local Pickup

If your practice is located within a 30-mile radius of our lab, enter your information below to have our driver pick up your case.

Print a UPS Label

Practices located outside our local pick-up area can use the module below to print a FREE UPS shipping and send your case.

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Cases will be shipped F.O.B. by common carrier, unless prior arrangements are made with Val-U-Dent Dental Laboratory.

We pay 2nd day air service one way to our Laboratories. We’ll send your cases to your dental office using 2nd day air service at a charge to you of $5.00 per case.

Should you want us to return your case Overnight Air, there will be an ADDITIONAL $10.00 charge.

Step Three: Schedule UPS Pick-Up (Optional)

If you need your case picked up at a particular time, use the form below to schedule it with UPS. Otherwise, your driver will arrive at the normal time.

Schedule a Pickup Through UPS

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Step Four: Track Your Case

See the current shipping status of your case or check it’s expected return date with the Scheduling Calendar below.

Track a Package

Scheduling Calendar

Model or STL:

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