AvaDent Digital Dentures

AvaDent Digital Dentures are changing the way dental laboratories design and fabricate dentures. By implementing the precision and efficiency of CAD/CAM dentistry, this classic restorative solution now provides patients a greater result than ever before.

Before, dentures could difficult for patients to adjust used to—but not anymore. With these digitally-designed AvaDent dentures, your patients will welcome their new incredibly comfortable, precise-fitting dentures.

Utilizing a state-of-the-art, extra-dense material, AvaDent outperforms traditional dentures in nearly every category. Assure your patients that denture breath and sore spots are things of the past.

Another key benefit of AvaDent Digital Dentures is that they save time. Whereas traditional denture fabrication and design can take up to five appointments, AvaDent Digital Dentures require just two patient appointments and provide quicker delivery.


All Val-U-Dent dentures are fabricated with the revolutionary heat-cured, pressure injected system for high impact, natural looking, comfortable and precision fit. The dentures are fabricated using any of the following premium teeth: Trubyte® IPN®, Portrait®, Bioblend® and Bioform® combined with most popular tooth shades (Vita® Classic and Bioform®). All types of premium teeth are available.

The Trubyte IPN teeth are fabricated in a hardened plastic material and follow four facial shapes (Square, Square Tapering, Tapering and Ovoid). In-mould selections are used to create a natural look to the patient’s smile.

The teeth exhibit these key attributes:

  • Enamel translucency
  • Contrasting neck color
  • Color blending and vital, natural appearance

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Indicated for use as a removable full or partial denture. A tissue borne appliance when not used with cast-metal partials; rest seats are not recommended. Can also be used in combination with metal framework or precision attachment cases.


Should not be used with patients with poor oral hygiene, very short or heavily worn lower anteriors, over a closed vertical dimension or protruding tori. When there is minimal undercut on abutment teeth, metal clasp will be recommended. Cannot be relined chairside; appliance needs to be returned to the lab for rebase.


Start with an accurate bite registration and void-free impression using a custom tray.


None neccessary.

Tech Notes

We offer many brands of premium teeth (as above) for extra fees, please call for a quote.


  • D5110 Complete upper
  • D5120 Complete lower
  • D5130 Immediate upper
  • D5860 Overdenture complete