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DDX or Digital Dental Exchange is free and allows providers and admins to connect directly to the Arcari Dental Lab portal.

The DDX account takes only a couple of minutes to open and allows you to securely connect to the Arcari Dental Lab Provider Portal. While online in the Arcari Dental Lab Portal, you can securely...

  • Submit cases
  • Upload files, scans and notes
  • Check case status
  • View invoices and statements
  • Pay bills

  • To access the Arcari Dental Lab Provider Portal, all you need is a computer or mobile device, a common browser such as Chrome or Firefox, Internet Connection and your DDX account. Sign up here for your free DDX account now. Already have a DDX account? Then simply select Arcari Dental Laboratory as your lab partner after you log in to your account. The provider portal will enhance communications between our Lab and your Office as well as save you time and money.